cphRNA 2014:  Summer School in RNA Bioinformatics (June 23-28)


The summer school will consist of two elements

Invited summer school contributors

Rolf Backofen, University of Freiburg
Ivo L Hofacker, University of Vienna
Lars Juhl Jensen, CPR, University of Copenhagen
Peter F Stadler, University of Leipzig

Requirements: Master, PhD students and Post Doc applying should already be familiar with basic concepts of bioinformatics

Registration IS NOW CLOSED

Book discount of 20% for registered participants:

The summer school covers a fraction of the chapters in RNA Sequence, Structure, and Function: Computational and Bioinformatic Methods. Gorodkin & Ruzzo, editors. Methods in Molecular Biology series.

cphRNA 2014 Symposium (27th June)

Symposium Speakers

Roderic Guigó, CRG, Barcelona
Jørgen Kjems, Aarhus University
Quaid Morris, The Donnely Center, Canada
Nikolaus Rajewsky, MDC, Berlin
Albin Sandelin, The Bioinfomatics Centre, Copenhagen University
Renée Schroeder, MF. Perutz Lab, Uni Vienna

If you are not particpating in the summer school but would like to participate in the one day symposium "non-coding RNAs: from Discovery to Function" (free), please send an email before 20th June to pre-register to: cphRNAsym@rth.dk

Poster format: max A0 in portrait format.

The Summer School will take place at Frederiksberg Campus (map)

June 23-26 & 28th in room A2.70.01, Thorvaldsensvej 40, Copenhagen, DK1870 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

June 27th - Symposium Day in Festauditoret, A1.01.01, Nordre sti/ Bulowsvej 17, DK1870 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

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Jan Gorodkin
Anders Krogh
Christopher Workman
Jakob Skou Pedersen
Jeppe Vinther
Henrik Nielsen
Jakob Hull Havgaard

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