Reproducible Workflows with R and sequencing data

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2024-02-07. Adrian Geissler. RTH, University of Copenhagen. The seminar will take place at Feb 07 in Fest Auditorium, Aud. A 1-01.01, Bülowsvej 17, 1870 Frederiksberg C.

We invite you to join our upcoming event: "Reproducible Workflows with R and Sequencing Data". Sequencing technologies have significantly impacted the life sciences, bringing them into the big data era. Join us to unravel this complexity and delve into the basics of data management, reproducible workflows, and cluster/cloud computing in the life sciences.

This talk is designed for a varied audience, from those new to life sciences research to experienced professionals. Learn about sequencing data, gain insights into the benefits of a reproducible Snakemake-based workflow, and understand how to conduct statistical analyses using R. The talk aims to provide useful insights for attendees at all skill levels, offering a chance to learn about new concepts and discover valuable R packages and tips.

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