Seminar: Finding the needles in the haystack: The complexity of known and putative novel microRNAs revealed by SOLiD deep sequencing and biology-oriented bioinformatic analysis

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By Alessandro Guffanti, Bioinformatics, Genomnia srl - Lainate, Milano, Italy. At 14:30, University of Copenhagen, LIFE, Grønnegårdsvej 7 (bldg. 1-04), 1st floor, Library/M106

Registration is not necessary. Refreshments will be served.


In order to understand microRNA (miRNAs) role in biological systems, it is essential to accurately and comprehensively profile the entire sample miRNA population, and then sail for a long journey toward the uncharted territories of novel small RNA discovery.

This talk will illustrate, going through all the steps of a completed NGS discovery project, how the power of SOLiD deep sequencing coupled with biology-oriented bioinformatic analysis progressively revealed the complexity and variety of the small RNA world in a specific cellular system.

From accurate expression profiling to discovery and primary biological validation, even this limited experiment highlights the sheer amount of non-annotated transcripts in cellular systems which still await detection, quantification and functional annotation.

It also shows how the NGS technology opens the door to a new analytical dimension, where problems and contaminants are as amplified as real discoveries.

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