Seminar: Virus Genomics

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2015-09-01: by Manja Marz, University of Jena. The seminar will take place September 1st, 13.15-14.00 at University of Copenhagen, SUND/SCIENCE, Grønnegårdsvej 7, 1st floor library, Frederiksberg C.

Registration is not necessary. Refreshments will be served.


Computer-assisted studies of structure, function, and evolution of viruses remains a neglected area of research. The attention of bioinformaticians to this interesting and challenging field is far from commensurate with its medical and biotechnological importance. The purpose of this talk is to increase awareness among bioinformatics researchers about the pressing needs and unsolved problems of computational virology. I focus primarily on RNA viruses that pose problems to many standard bioinformatics analyses due to their compact genome organization, fast mutation rate, and low evolutionary conservation.


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