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Bioinformatics meeting, Copenhagen September 19 - 20 2002

The meeting will be held in the main building at KVL, building 1-01 room ø34

September 19
9:15 Welcome, Merete Fredholm
9:30 A complete sequence of the thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis genome and Status of phase I of the Sino-Danish Pig Genome Project, Li Wei
10:15 How to put pieces together into a map - sequence assembly, Ni Peixiang
10:45 Coffee
11:15 Integrated databases: how to avoid being drowned in the information ocean, Han Yujun
11:45 Data QC and data analysis pipeline, Zhao Wenming
12:15 Lunch
13:30 Data transfer, Ye Chen
14:00 SNP pipeline and EST annotation, Frank Panitz and Jan Gorodkin
14:30 Evolutionary analysis, Mikkel Schierup
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Database and plans for annotation and gene function prediction, Søren Brunak
16:15 Whole genome sequencing
  • Strategies
  • Description of data
  • Physical mapping approaches
General discussion (including setting up the agenda for September 20)
18:30 Dinner
September 20
9:00 Discussion of papers (content and distribution of workload)
  • Whole genome shutgun data
  • cDNA libraries
Topics: Basic annotation
  • Alternative splicing
  • Secretion
  • Evolution
  • "Expression studies" based on comparison between libraries Chromosome 17
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Further discussion of collaboration
17:00 Closing of meeting
Scheduled meetings Project meeting: February 25 2003

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