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Project meeting

February 25, Aud. 3-14, Torvaldsenesvej 40

Comparative Genomics focusing on man and pig
10:00 Welcome and introduction, Merete Fredholm, KVL
10:10 Identifying naturally occuring animal models of human neurological diseases, Lone Bruhn Madsen, DJF
10:30 A search for trinucleotide expansion in the pig genome, Anders Lade Nielsen, AU
10:50 Gene expression and the cytoarchitecture of the brain, Arne L Jørgensen, AU
11:10 Digital expression profiles in brain tissue, Susanna Cirera and Jan Gorodkin, KVL
11:30 Coffee/the
11:50 Applications of hidden Markov models to alignment and gene finding, Asger Hobolth, AU
12:10 MySQL-based warehousing of pig-genome and EST data, Olga Rigina, DTU
12:30 Applications of genomics research to laboratory animals - Animal welfare aspects, Anna Olsson, KVL
12:50 Lunch
13:30 Generel update on research activities at DIAS relating to the STF-project Christian Bendixen, DJF
13:50 Comparative mapping of pig chromosome 17, Peter Karlskov Mortensen, KVL
14:10 The effect of clone length distribution on the progress of assembling the pig genome, Ole Fredslund Christensen, AU
14:30 Outline of activities from Centre for Bioethics and Risk Assessment, Peter Sandøe, KVL
14:50 Coffee
15:10 Array technology and the development and characterization of pig disease models, Lars Bolund, AU
15:30 Creation of pig disease models by transfer of transgenic somatic cell nuclei into enucleated eggs, Peter Kragh, AU
15:50 Ethical Questions Related To Genomics - Approaches at the Centre for Bioethics, Svend Andersen, AU

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