Non-Coding RNA Search - Outdated

This page is no longer maintained and subpages are closed.

This is the website accompanying the project of predicting ncRNAs that are conserved in structure and not sequence, between human and mouse. The predictions are made by FOLDALIGN.

You can search the database using several criteria via the "Datbase Search" link above. See "Help" for an explanation of the various fields in the database.

The "Top Candidates" link contains a list, for all chromsomes, of the candidates with P-Score below 0.03, we predict that approximately half of these can not be explained by random events.

The "Top More Organisms" link contains a list of all candidates scoring below a given P-Score cutoff (default 0.03) that have an overlapping prediction in a third organism scoring below a given P-score (default 0.03)

The "All Candidates" link gives you all candidates in the database for each chromosome. This means all candidates from our scan that are longer than 60 nt and have more than 40% of their nt's involved in basepairing.

You can read more about this scan here

For questions or comments concerning the datbase or the paper please contact Elfar Torarinsson