Libaries for Sino-Danish ESTs

The table list the cDNA libraries and the corresponding tissues from which they were generated. In addition, the number of reads from each librariy used in the assembly is listed. Lines in blue indicates libraries for which the corresponding tissue was extracted at a developmental stage. These are: Foetus (F) 50, 100, 107, and 115 days. The letters in paranthesis indicates number of animals used as well as breed: S or B are single animals and M are mulitiple animals. Libraries with (M) and (S) represent the pig breeds (mostly cross breeds) used in the Danish breeding (Landrace, Yorkshire, Duroc and Hampshire), whereas the libraries listed with (B) present chinese pig breeds.

Lib name Tissue Description # Reads
Amn Amnion (S) --- 2394
Aor Aorta (M) --- 5121
Bla Bladder (M) --- 8042
Nbm Bone marrow (S) F115 days, bone marrow 10068
Cbe Brain (M) Cerebellum 4180
Cbr* Brain (B) Brain (cortex) 7814
Fco Brain (M) Frontal cortex 6361
Hyp Brain (S) Hypothalamus 7001
Pgl Brain (M) Pituitary gland 8440
Ecc Brain (S) F50 days,cortex 8693
Ece Brain (S) F50 days, cerebellum 4361
Fce Brain (S) F100 days, cerebellum 3682
Fcc Brain (S) F107 days, cortex cerebri 5056
Fhi Brain (S) F107 days, hippocampus 5897
Cbl* Haemopoetic (B) Blood 8711
Jca Cartillage (S) Joint capsule 8775
Nca Cartillage (S) F115 days, cartillage 7306
Pan* Endocrine glands (M) Pancreas 4238
Ret Eye (M) Retina 7768
Eye Eye (S) F50 days, eye 5865
Fat Fat (M) Fat 6783
Che Heart (B) --- 7336
Hea Heart (M) --- 4890
Hlv Heart (S) Left ventricle 7181
Cje Intestine (B) Jejunum 6052
Col Intestine (S) Large intest, colon ascendens 5128
Duo Intestine (S) Small intest, duodenum 5787
Ill Intestine (S) Small intest, illeum 5695
Jej Intestine (S) Small intest, jejunum 10109
Lin Intestine (M) Large intestine 6868
Sin Intestine (M) Small intestine 5716
Eje Intestine (S) F50 days, jejunum 10118
Nco Intestine (S) F115 days, colon 6183
Nje Intestine (S) F115 days, jejunum 6027
Cki Kidney (B) --- 6052
Kid Kidney (M) --- 7708
Cli Liver (B) --- 6544
Liv Liver (M) --- 6836
Eli Liver (S) F50 days, liver 6587
Fli Liver (S) F100 days, liver 4929
Clu Lung (B) --- 8358
Lun Lung (M) --- 6645
Elu Lung (S) F50 days, lung 2595
Nlu Lung (S) F115 days, lung 5217
Cly Lymphatic gland (B) --- 8289
Lyg Lymphatic gland (M) --- 7513
Lnt Lymphatic gland (S) --- 7027
Cga Mammary gland (B) --- 3583
Mcp Mammary gland (S) Mammae, collostrum prod 5860
Mga Mammary gland (M) 7 days after weaning 6242
Mgm* Mammary gland (M) 14 days after birth 5545
Mgp Mammary gland (M) 7 days pre birth 4335
Med Mediastinum (S) --- 8602
Bfe Muscles (M) M. biceps femoris 6673
Ctl* Muscles (B) Tenderloin 6533
Isp Muscles (M) M. infraspinatus 6650
Ldo Muscles (M) M. longissimus dorsi 10309
Mas Muscles (S) M. masseter 4755
Sme Muscles (M) M. semimembranousus 3274
Ssp Muscles (M) M. supraspinatus 7379
Ste Muscles (M) M. semitendinosus 7396
Tbr Muscles (M) M. triceps brachii 6486
Vin Muscles (M) M. vastus intermedius 3007
Ese Muscles (S) F50 days, M. semitendinousus 7905
Nms Muscles (S) F115 days, M. semitendinousus 4676
Gul Oesophagus (M) --- 5631
Ova Ovary (M) --- 7744
Cov Ovary (B) --- 7567
Pla Placenta (M) --- 7481
Pro Prostata (M) --- 1953
Rec Rectum (M) --- 5778
Cmu Rhinal mucosal membrane (B) --- 5365
Nmm Rhinal mucosal membrane (S) F115 days, mucosal membrane 7530
Sag Salivary gland (M) --- 5473
Csk Skin (B) --- 7105
Ski Skin (M) --- 6815
Ton Skin (S) Tip of tongue, mucosa 5698
Eep Skin (S) F50, epidermis 8159
Eru Skin (S) F50, regio umbilicalis 8330
Nep Skin (S) F115 days, epidermis 5437
Spc Spinal cord (M) Spinal cord 8821
Ebs Spinal cord (S) F50 days, brain stem 8453
Fbs Spinal cord (S) F107 days, brain stem 5703
Spl Spleen (M) --- 6984
Csp Spleen (B) --- 6204
Cst Stomach (B) --- 7141
Sto Stomach (M) --- 5561
Sug Suprarenal glands (M) --- 7856
Cag Suprarenal glands (B) Adrenal gland 6614
Cte Testicle (B) --- 3416
Tes Testicle (M) --- 4812
Cty Thyroid glands (B) --- 9608
Thg Thyroid glands (M) --- 7887
Pty Thyroid glands (S) Piglet 2 days, thymus 7007
Fty Thyroid glands (S) F100 days, thymus 5687
Tra Trachea (M) --- 8124
Ute Uterus (S) --- 7531
Cut Uterus (B) --- 5885

*Libraries of bad quality in repsect to expression analysis.
Normalized library.
Likely to be heavily contaminated with liver ESTs.