RNA Structure in Genomic Sequence:

Supplementary information for:
De novo prediction of structured RNAs from genomic sequences

Jan Gorodkin, Ivo L. Hofacker, Elfar Torarinsson, Zizhen Yao, Jakob H. Havgaard, Walter L. Ruzzo


The main methods described in the paper were also applied in other studies and here are some examples.

Exploiting sequence based multiple alignments for ncRNA screens

RNAz has also been used for genomic screens in for example: Arabidopsis thaliana [Song et al., 2009], Nematodes [Missal et al., 2006], Drosophilids [Rose et al., 2007], Teleost fishes [Rose et al., 2008], Urochordates [Missal et al., 2005], yeast [Steigele et al., 2007], porcine EST sequences [Seemann et al., 2007], as well as various bacteria. EvoFold also was applied to screen Drosophila melanogaster [Stark et al., 2007].

Screen by pairwise local structural alignments

Foldalign has been used to search structural RNA motifs in prokaryotes, amoeba, and humans [Bidnenko et al., 2009,Ahmed et al., 2006,Vyas et al., 2009] and it has further been used to investigate structures of potential ncRNAs in bacteria and for phylogenetic analysis of beetles [Sridhar et al., 2009,Angelini and Jockusch, 2008].

Employing local multiple structural alignments

CMfinder was also recently applied to screen for ncRNAs in prokaryotes [Yao et al., 2007,Weinberg et al., 2007]. Besides re-discovering majority of the known ncRNAs in prokaryotes [Yao et al., 2007], the CMfinder-based pipeline found 22 novel ncRNA motifs [Weinberg et al., 2007], including SAM-IV [Weinberg et al., 2008], S-adenosylhomocysteine [Wang et al., 2008], preQ1 [Meyer et al., 2008], molybdenum cofactor [Regulski et al., 2008] and cyclic di-GMP [Sudarsan et al., 2008] riboswitches, subsequently validated experimentally.


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