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About tmRDB

The tmRDB is a tool in the study of the structures and functions of the tmRNA (earlier called "10S RNA"). As the name implies, tmRNA has properties of tRNA and mRNA combined in a single molecule. The tmRDB provides aligned, annotated and phylogenetically ordered tmRNA sequences. The alignments of the sequences represent conserved secondary structure elements where each base pair is proven by comparative sequence analysis. Where possible, we established direct links to primary sources.
If your research is assisted by the tmRDB, please refer to: Zwieb, C., Gorodkin, J., Knudsen B., Burks, J., and Wower, J. (2003) tmRDB (tmRNA database) Nucleic Acids Res, 31, 446-447. [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] version of this paper reproduced with permission from NAR Online.
Review of tmRNA secondary structure in: C. Zwieb, I. Wower and J. Wower (1999) "Comparative sequence analysis of tmRNA" Nucleic Acids Research, 27, 2063-2071. Full-text PDF of this paper (943 KB), reproduced with permission from NAR Online
Direct data submissions, questions, complaints, suggestions, etc. about tmRDB to:

Christian Zwieb, Department of Biochemistry
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antinio

For specific questions, contact the tmRDB associates:
Jody Burks
Jan Gorodkin
Niels Larsen
Jesper Cairo Westergaard
Iwona Wower
Jacek Wower

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions by:
Florian Müller for the ERNA-3D modeling software
Ingolf Sommer for VCMD molecular dynamics software

Please don't forget to cite the original authors in case you fetch and use data that we only redistribute.
We acknowledge support provided by the National Institutes of Health and the Danish Technical Research Council.

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