Self-contained structured domains of RNA sequences have often distinct molecular functions. The RNAbound program helps to predict the boundaries of self-contained structured domain from the base pairing probability (P) matrix for a given sequence or multiple sequence alignment. The input matrix (P) can be computed using RNAfold for single sequence or PETfold for multiple sequence alignments.



RNAbound program can be executed in two modes:
To run "run_bppCal_rnabound.sh", RNAfold and PETfold programs have to be installed locally and their corresponding path has to be specified in this script.


For more details about the execution and input format, please refer to the README file inside the package.


Multiple Sequence Alignments Enhance Boundary Definition of RNA Structures

Sabarinathan R, Anthon C, Gorodkin J, Seemann SE* Genes (Basel). 2018 Dec 4;9(12):604
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