PETfold v2.2 - release from Sep 19, 2023, last modified at Sep 19, 2023

NEWS:- fix few memory leaks
- fix option --settree: ML tree is no longer calculated if tree is given; labels starting with digits are now allowed
- return length-normalized ensemble diversity
- update typedef struct definition to make compatible with gcc (Debian 10.2.1-6) 10.2.1 20210110
- fix access of unallocated memory during parsing of some input trees

PETfold v2.1 - release from Sep 13, 2017, last modified at Sep 13, 2017

NEWS:- change Makefile such that ViennaRNA Package CFLAGS and LDFLAGS are retrieved from pkg-config instead of hard coding them (thank Ronny L)
- fix invalid access to phyl->root->child->brother after releasing memory of phyl->root (thank Ronny L)
- fix several compilation warnings

PETfold v2.0 - release from May 20, 2013, last modified at May 20, 2013

NEWS:- first stable C version using Vienna RNA Package library and Pfold library
- includes PETcofold v3.2 source code
- check for valid alignment as input (sequences of same length)
- PET reliabilities are returned including gap-columns (parameter --ppfile)
- reads PPfold calculated reliabilities from STDIN (parameter --ppfold) to replace slow Pfold calculations for large alignments

PETfold v2.0pre - pre-release from Nov 3, 2011, last modified at Nov 3, 2011

NEWS:- C version using Vienna RNA Package library and Pfold library
- increases the speed by a factor of 3
- alternative structures found by structure sampling

PETfold v1.1 - release from Mar 10, 2011, last modified at Mar 24, 2011

NEWS:- RNAfold call: option -d2 for dangling ends
- RNAfold call: constraint string represents specific base pairs as '()' instead of '<>'
- RNAfold call: gap-free base positions are only constrained as base paired when pairing partner isn't a gap
- Pfold call: gap limit is set; in v1.0 gap limit was always 0.75

PETfold v1.0 - release from Feb 13, 2008, last modified at Dec 21, 2008

A manual of the standalone PETfold program can be found here (Linux).