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SRPDB assists the study of the structures and functions of signal recognition particles (SRPs). SRPDB provides annotated SRP RNA and SRP protein sequences, phylogenetically ordered and aligned. Included are representative RNA secondary structure diagrams where each base pair is proven by comparative sequence analysis, information about other proteins that play a role in SRP-mediated protein transloaction, as well as structural information about components of SRP.

Recent developments: A total of 1109 SRP RNA sequences grouped as Short bacterial (537), Long bacterial (96), Archaeal (81), Protozoan (82), Fungal/Metazoan-group (80), Plant (114), and Animal (119) SRP RNAs. See Rosenblad, M.A., Larsen, N., Samuelsson, T., and Zwieb, C. (2009) Kinship in the SRP RNA family. RNA Biol. 6, 508-516. [Abstract]
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Andersen ES, Rosenblad MA, Larsen N, Westergaard JC, Burks J, Wower IK, Wower J, Gorodkin J, Samuelsson T, and Zwieb C. (2006) The tmRDB and SRPDB Resources. Nucleic Acids Res. 34, Database issue: D163-168.

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We gratefully acknowledge the contributions by
Florian Müller for the ERNA-3D modeling software
Ingolf Sommer for VCMD molecular dynamics software
as well as support provided by the National Institutes of Health and the Danish Technical Research Council.

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