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You can download the following static compilations listed below.

PigEST (version 1.0) static data

README README_static_pigest_1.0.1.html 7970 bytes
cDNA libraries cDNA_names.html 12015 bytes
House keeping gene candidates hk_candidates.html 806183 bytes
cDNA specific gene candidates cDNA_spec_genes.html 609347 bytes
SNP candidates (Huge) snp_candidates.html 30054898 bytes
Expression data gene_lib_profiles_thres_2.clean.tbl.gz 608428 bytes
Non-coding RNA candidates ncRNA_candidates_M0_M1_clean.fasta 23327 bytes
Cluster consensus sequences cluster_seqs.fasta.gz 13081147 bytes
Singleton sequences singleton_seqs.fasta.gz 11166085 bytes
Pub EST sequences (398837, Feb 17, 2005) EST_sequences_pub.fasta.gz 63231368 bytes
SD EST sequences (raw: 823871) EST_sequences_SD_raw.fasta.gz 98386309 bytes
SD EST quality sequences (raw: 823871) EST_sequences_SD_raw.fasta.qual.gz 191575362 bytes
BLAST readme file blast_readme.txt 1091 bytes
BLAST data part 0 (Huge) blastdb.tar.part_0 1038090240 bytes
BLAST data part 1 (Huge) blastdb.tar.part_1 1038090240 bytes
BLAST data part 2 (Huge) blastdb.tar.part_2 1038090240 bytes
BLAST data part 3 (Huge) blastdb.tar.part_3 1038090240 bytes
BLAST data part 4 (Huge) blastdb.tar.part_4 552366080 bytes
SQL tables readme file sqltables_readme.txt 853 bytes
SQL tables sqltables.tar 205035520 bytes


For usage of the data please cite:
Porcine transcriptome analysis based on 97 non-normalized cDNA libraries and assembly of 1,021,891 expressed sequence tags. J. Gorodkin et al., Genome Biology 8:R45, 2007.

Comments, questions, etc., email webmaster@pigest.ku.dk.

Last updated May 11th, 2007 by Jan Gorodkin and Karsten Scheibye-Knudsen