RAIN: RNA–protein Association and Interaction Networks (v1.0)

Search for interactions by non-coding RNA (ncRNA) or gene name in an organism of interest.

ncRNA or gene identifier*:      (examples:  #1   #2)
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*Supported identifiers

For miRNA we expect miRBase identifiers or accession numbers; for other ncRNAs we accept Refseq, Ensembl as well as identifiers from the main databases of the respective organism as follows:
human: HGNC,
mouse: MGI,
rat: RGD,
yeast: SGD.
The ncRNA alias mapping file used in RAIN is available from our Download page. For all organisms covered, RAIN accepts the same identifiers and accession for proteins as STRING.

RAIN developers

RAIN is being developed at CBS, CPR, RTH, SIB, DTU, KU and UZH.

RAIN reference

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