Rfam analysis

On these pages you find the analysis of the Rfam alignments published in:
Semiautomated improvement of RNA alignments E. S. Andersen, A. Lind-Thomsen, B. Knudsen, S. E. Kristensen, J. H. Havgaard, E. Torarinsson, N. Larsen, C. Zwieb, P. Sestoft, J. Kjems and J. Gorodkin, RNA 13:1850-1859, 2007.

The four examples presented in the paper can be downloaded here: examples_data.tar.gz (116 KB). The folder contains files before and after editing that you can inspect in SARSE. The full projects can also be downloaded for inspection of the editing and evaluation scores: examples_projects.tar.gz (132 MB)

You can download the analysed alignment (pcluster.col) or the original Rfam alignment (rfam.col). The alignments are in the column format and can thus be loaded directly in SARSE. You can also download all the files at once: Rfam_8.0_sarse.tar.gz

You can sort the Rfam alignments by: Inconsistent base pairs, Novel base pairs, Consistent base pairs

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