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Version 1.1

On this website we provide access to our annotation integration efforts for Bacillus subtilis 168. We integrated the gene annotations from BsubCyc, Rfam, RefSeq, SubtiWiki, and some additional resources (see manuscript for details). Each gene indicates from which reources its annotation stem from, and links to the respective resources are provided where applicable. The integration overall improved the annotation of non-coding RNAs (ncRNA) in B. subtilis. Based on public transcription start sites (TSS) and termination sites (TTS), we created a comprehensive annotation of operons, transcripts, and transcriptional units (TU) for 93% of the genes in the genome. We provide the BSGatlas in form of a UCSC browser hub, a downloadable GFF3 file, an excel table, and as a light-weight interactive quick browser directly on this side.


BSGatlas: a unified Bacillus subtilis genome and transcriptome annotation atlas with enhanced information access

Geissler AS, Anthon C, Alkan F, Gonzalez-Tortuero E, Poulsen LD, Kallehauge TB, Breuner A, Seemann SE, Vinther J, Gorodkin J* Microb Genom. 2021 Feb;7(2):000524
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Recent Changes

Feb 15, 2021: Added tutorial video
Jan 15, 2021: Fix rfam outlinks + polished gRNA detail page in browser
Nov 13, 2020: Updated to v1.1
July 25, 2020: Added excel file download option
July 30, 2019: Created public interface of the BSGatlas version 1.0


Due to the external resources, this repository's content has *mixed licenses*.
  • The BSGatlas and the scripts that generated it are under the Apache License Version 2.0
  • SubtiWiki is provided under the CC BY 4.0
  • DBTBS was provided by the authors Yuko Makita and Kenta Nakai and is subjected to their copyright.
  • The use of the BsubCyc annotation is granted by the royality-free and re-distribution allowing proprietary academic license. (Includes BioCycTM pathway/genome databases under license from SRI International )
  • The results of the Rfam scan were created as part of the BSGatlas and is thus available under the Apache License Version 2.0
  • The RefSeq annotation is in the public domain.
  • The data tables from the supplementary materials by Dar et al. and Nicolas et al are used for the academic useage