CRISPRon(v1.0): CRISPR-Cas9 guide efficiency prediction


The CRISPRon webserver is dedicated to design of gRNAs for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing experiments. The model implemented in the webserver predicts on-target cleavage efficiency of CRISPR/Cas9-gRNAs at target sites designed from a given genomic sequence. Using the webserver, you can find possible CRISPR/Cas9 targets and obtain the predicted Cas9/gRNA cleavage effiency (indel frequency obtained at approx. 3 days after gRNA delivery). Selected targets (whose sequence corresponds to that of the gRNA+PAM) can be then transferred to our CRISPRoff webserver, which reports potential off-targets and the genome-wide specificity of gRNAs (see the CRISPRoff i page for details).

Details on how to use the webserver and descriptions of the input and outputs are given on the Help page.

Citing CRISPRon

If you are using the results of the CRISPRon in your publication, please cite:

CRISPRon/off: CRISPR/Cas9 on- and off-target gRNA design

Anthon C, Corsi GI, Gorodkin J* Bioinformatics. 2022 Dec 13;38(24):5437-5439
[ PubMed | Paper | Webserver ]

Enhancing CRISPR-Cas9 gRNA efficiency prediction by data integration and deep learning

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[ PubMed | Paper | Webserver | Software ]

CRISPRon is trained on data reported in the publication above and in a 2019 paper from Kim, please cite that as well.

SpCas9 activity prediction by DeepSpCas9, a deep learning-based model with high generalization performance

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[ PubMed | Paper ]

Finally, if you use the interaction energies reported by the CRISPRoff tool, please cite:

CRISPR-Cas9 off-targeting assessment with nucleic acid duplex energy parameters

Alkan F, Wenzel A, Anthon C, Havgaard JH, Gorodkin J* Genome Biol. 2018 Oct 26;19(1):177
[ PubMed | Paper | Webserver | Software ]


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